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12×16 Antique Rope Tension Restoration

new rims, marked for inlays

I’m with Bill Whitney at the Calderwood Percussion shop in Avon, MA. It’s raining, the sound of heavy rain against the windows is enticing – that is, when the sander isn’t running! Bill’s niece Amber is doing finish work on a bass drum for Randolph High School. WCRB is on in the background, playing the Henry Purcell Trumpet Voluntary.

Today, Bill is restoring an antique drum. (He’s also repairing my guitar, overseeing the finish work on the bass for the high school, and laser cutting some custom drum gift certificates for some very lucky drummers’ Christmas stockings, among other things.)

Hamilton Drums, or Holy Crap, We’re In Modern Drummer!

Custom Calderwood Drum for Hamilton

A while back, we made a couple drums for Andres Forero for the Broadway show, Hamilton, which you might say has turned out to be pretty successful.  We were very excited to find our name mentioned several times in this months’ issue of Modern Drummer Magazine! 

If you’re just discovering us now, you’ll notice that we’re not great about keeping this site up to date, but check out our Facebook or our Instagram to see what we’re up to.

So, we’re not great about updating this site…


Hey folks,

As you can see, we’re not great about keeping up with this website, but we have lots of cool stuff in the works all the time!  Check us out on Facebook and Instagram, which we keep much more up-to-date!

Also, if anybody out there is a wordpress ninja, we’d be down to discuss trading a redesign of this site for some dope custom drums…  email us at calderwood.percussion@gmail.com!

We’ve teamed up with Zildjian to bring you the “My Pit’s The Pits!” video contest!

We are SUPER excited to announce that we’ve been working with the awesome folks over at Zildjian all summer to create a killer contest for high school marching bands all across the US!

Is your pit the pits? Marching to the beat of a broken drum? We can help! Rally your percussion pals and create a video telling the world who you are and why you need new gear, and you could win an awesome prize package for your school marching band from Zildjian Company, Calderwood Percussion Instruments, Vic Firth, Remo, Lonestar Percussion, Music and Arts Centers, Steve Weiss Music and Woodwind and Brasswind!

Find out how here!


The Roseland kit is here!


Presenting the second offering in our line of Boston club kits, The Roseland.  Named in honor of the Roseland State Ballroom that once stood on Mass Ave, this four piece kit is built with jazz and funk players in mind.

The 16″x18″ kick, 7″x10″ tom and 12″x14″ floor tom are all 8-ply maple with a high-gloss lacquer finish and classic double-ended beavertail lugs.  The toms feature 12-ply maple “hide-a-head” hoops.  The snare is 4″x14″ with a 6-ply curly maple/poplar/maple shell construction and is inspired by the classic Gretsch Max Roach signature snare.

This kit can be customized in any color you would like at no additional cost. $2000+shipping for the 4-piece kit/$1600+shipping for the kick and toms without the snare. As always, further customizations are available upon request; just drop us a line for a price quote.

Rolling out a new line of drum sets!

Abbey kit

We’re proud to announce the first in a new line of club kits we’ll be rolling out over the course of the next year! Named in honor of a well-loved Boston area club that unfortunately closed its doors a few years ago, The Abbey is a small kit with a big sound.

This all-maple kit features a 10-ply 5.5″x14″ snare with a Trick throw-off and Pure Sound snares, 8-ply 16″x20″ kick, 8-ply 8″x12″ tom, 8-ply 14″x14″ floor tom and “Radio King” lugs. The kit shown here is sporting our “weathered ebony” satin finish, but you can customize it with any color you want at no additional cost. $1300+shipping for the 4-piece kit/$1000+shipping for the kick and toms without the snare. As always, further customizations are available upon request; just drop us a line for a price quote.

Bass drum rebuild for the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra


Just finished up rebuilding this old bass drum for the Cambridge Symphony.  This 16″x32″ Ludwig began it’s life as a big marching bass drum, built in 1961 and had definitely seen plenty of miles.  To fix it up for orchestral use, we stripped the old finish, repaired a lot of damage to the shell, hoops and lugs, gave it a mahogany veneer, cut new bearing edges and added some custom mounting hardware for the CSO’s new stand.  It looks and sounds fantastic!