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Unique Custom Drums
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Calderwood Percussion in a small custom musical instrument company run by Bill Whitney in Boston, MA.

Working as a composer and sound designer for Harmonix Music Systems, the video game developer behind such franchises as Rock Band and Dance Central, Bill was part of a very small team tasked with inventing, designing and building a variety of custom musical instruments to be used in the musical development of an upcoming game title.  This resulted not only in the creation of a contra-bass banjo, a bowed acoustic guitar, a wide variety of pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments and an array of other fun musical oddities, but also in the discovery of several innovative building techniques and a passion for instrument making. 

Bill’s professional life up to this point has been pretty evenly split between being a music educator, a professional bassist and a recording engineer and sound designer.  Whether teaching a drumline, locking in with a drummer as a session bassist, or engineering and editing recordings, one common necessary tool is an acute and critical ear for drum sounds.  Simply put, Bill has been developing a sense for great drum sounds his whole musical life, and he is now bringing that experience to building new and innovative custom percussion instruments.

Custom made Professional Percussion Instruments
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Whether you’re playing Mahler, Mingus or Megadeath, Calderwood can customize or custom build the equipment you need to play your best.

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