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Hoop Repair for Boston Crusaders

In Spring of 2014, we made a set of ultra-light marching basses for the Boston Crusaders Senior Drum & Bugle Corps. Totally custom-designed, these marching basses (sizes 14″x18″ through 14″x26″) weigh approximately half of what the corresponding sized Yamaha Field-Master drums weigh. The drums feature all maple shells, machined aluminum hardware, custom laser cut white marine pearl badges and “Waldo” logos, and custom made embroidered soft cases. In other words, they’re extra-swanky. (more…)

Bass Drum Rebuild for Randolph High School

Randolph High School band had some old drums that weren’t in useable condition, including a really cool 30″ Slingerland bass drum. Like many high school programs, the budget for new equipment is tight, so anytime we can reuse, repurpose, restore, rebuild, and/or refurbish, instead of buying new, the answer is yes! In this case, the director wants to use this drum both for concert band and for the marching pit, so it’s going to need a much more durable marine varnish finish in addition to the repairs. (more…)

Bass drum rebuild for the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra

Just finished up rebuilding this old bass drum for the Cambridge Symphony.  This 16″x32″ Ludwig began it’s life as a big marching bass drum, built in 1961 and had definitely seen plenty of miles.  To fix it up for orchestral use, we stripped the old finish, repaired a lot of damage to the shell, hoops and lugs, gave it a mahogany veneer, cut new bearing edges and added some custom mounting hardware for the CSO’s new stand.  It looks and sounds fantastic!