19th Century Style Rope Tension Snare


$450.00 $400.00


The perfect Holiday gift for a young re-enactor you love! This 11×13 Civil-War era style rope drum has a maple shell, natural gut snares, and reproduction hardware. Finished with marine grade varnish so it’s immune to the elements, buffed smooth as can be.

This is a professional quality drum sized to be manageable for younger re-enactors. It’s difficult to find a field drum smaller than 14×14 that isn’t just a toy – here’s your answer! Make your young re-enactor’s holiday ROCK with this fantastic drum!

Of course, you don’t have to be pint-sized to love this drum: it would be an amazing orchestral drum for a period ensemble, or just as a smaller general use orchestral field drum.

this custom drum was on display in the shop or at events and has been played