Be A Part of History!

One of the drums for Hamilton on Broadway, complete with modern fittings.

Are you a Hamilton Super Fan?

If so, you might already know that we produce two of the drums used in each production…
And you might already know that another production is in the works: Hamilton London…

But did you know that YOU can be a part of the production?

A show like this takes lots of people, and countless hours to produce. And now YOU can be part of the team and play a role in bringing the London production to life!

On Friday, August 25th, we’ll be auctioning off two opportunities for YOU to help build the drums that will be used in the London production. Here’s the gig:


You’ll spend a couple hours in the Calderwood Percussion shop with Bill working on the final assembly on the ACTUAL DRUMS that will be used in the Hamilton London production.

You’ll sign YOUR John Hancock inside the shell along with Bill’s, cementing your place in the history of the Hamilton London production.

And, you’ll be the VERY FIRST PERSON to play the drum!

You’ll be featured in videos and photos of the drum’s creation, and of course you’ll have all the photos you want to show off to your friends!

Not only that, but you’ll also receive a pair of laser-engraved commemorative drumsticks!

There are two separate drums being made – one rope drum and one piccolo snare – so you have two chances to win! Your experience can be scheduled any time between Saturday, September 2nd – Friday, September 8th, 2017. No musical, woodworking, or instrument-making experience required: we’ll teach you everything you need to know!

Be a Founding Person of the Hamilton London Production: come build their drums with us!

Stay tuned for the link to the auction, coming Friday August 25th!