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Unique Custom Drums
We hand-craft our custom drums from start to finish - every detail can be just the way you want it.
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If you want a complete custom kit, look no further - if you can dream it, we can build it!
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Restoration & Rebuild Services
We can rebuild and restore your old or antique drums to be good as new - if not better!

Hoop Repair for Boston Crusaders

In Spring of 2014, we made a set of ultra-light marching basses for the Boston Crusaders Senior Drum & Bugle Corps. Totally custom-designed, these marching basses (sizes 14″x18″ through 14″x26″) weigh approximately half of what the corresponding sized Yamaha Field-Master drums weigh. The drums feature all maple shells, machined aluminum hardware, custom laser cut white marine pearl badges and “Waldo” logos, and custom made embroidered soft cases. In other words, they’re extra-swanky. (more…)

Bass Drum Rebuild for Randolph High School

Randolph High School band had some old drums that weren’t in useable condition, including a really cool 30″ Slingerland bass drum. Like many high school programs, the budget for new equipment is tight, so anytime we can reuse, repurpose, restore, rebuild, and/or refurbish, instead of buying new, the answer is yes! In this case, the director wants to use this drum both for concert band and for the marching pit, so it’s going to need a much more durable marine varnish finish in addition to the repairs. (more…)

12×16 Antique Rope Tension Restoration

I’m with Bill Whitney at the Calderwood Percussion shop in Avon, MA. It’s raining, the sound of heavy rain against the windows is enticing – that is, when the sander isn’t running! Bill’s niece Amber is doing finish work on a bass drum for Randolph High School. WCRB is on in the background, playing the Henry Purcell Trumpet Voluntary.

Today, Bill is restoring an antique drum. (He’s also repairing my guitar, overseeing the finish work on the bass for the high school, and laser cutting some custom drum gift certificates for some very lucky drummers’ Christmas stockings, among other things.)

Hamilton Drums, or Holy Crap, We’re In Modern Drummer!

A while back, we made a couple drums for Andres Forero for the Broadway show, Hamilton, which you might say has turned out to be pretty successful.  We were very excited to find our name mentioned several times in this months’ issue of Modern Drummer Magazine! 

If you’re just discovering us now, you’ll notice that we’re not great about keeping this site up to date, but check out our Facebook or our Instagram to see what we’re up to.

So, we’re not great about updating this site…

Hey folks,

As you can see, we’re not great about keeping up with this website, but we have lots of cool stuff in the works all the time!  Check us out on Facebook and Instagram, which we keep much more up-to-date!

Also, if anybody out there is a wordpress ninja, we’d be down to discuss trading a redesign of this site for some dope custom drums…  email us at calderwood.percussion@gmail.com!