Audition Snare

4″x14″ Roseland snare

It’s Back To School season and YOU need an Audition Snare!

Love it or hate it, if you’re going to take an audition for grad school or to kick off your professional career, you need a piccolo snare. It’s what audition committees expect to hear, and you need the right tool for the job.

Whether you want an ultra-crispy 3.5″x12″ or a more conservative 4″x14″ – or anything in between – we can build you a drum that will have you sounding your best. With plenty of finish, hardware, and snare configurations available, you can have exactly the drum that best represents you and your sound.

3.5″x12″ Piccolo snare

Go into auditions with confidence with a custom audition piccolo from Calderwood Percussion!

12″ snares starting at $450,
13-14″ snares starting at $500.

Order yours today
and cross that off your Back To School list!

3.5″x14″ Piccolo snare