Drumming For Change

Here at Calderwood Pecussion, we believe in more than just a good drum. We believe in standing up for equal rights, for the environment, and for quality education for everyone. We also believe in open respectful discussion, because dialog and building understanding is what’s going to move us all forward.

We’re really good at making drums, and the folks at GLAAD, the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law, the Zinn Education Project, the NRDC, and lots of other awesome groups are really good at fighting for stuff we believe in.

So we’ve partnered with some great artists to bring you these beautiful Benefit Drums! Each drum is hand-made, one-of-a-kind, and each artist has chosen the group who will benefit from the proceeds of the auction. Each proudly sports a badge so that everyone will know who you’re drumming for!

This is an ongoing auction: we’ll be adding drums as the artists finish them! So keep your eyes peeled and go bid today: you get an awesome drum and these awesome organizations get the benefit!

Recently Auctioned!

This sweet rainbow snare raised $350 for GLAAD!

Drums in Process

These drums are currently in process and will be available for auction soon!

This drum just came back from the artist and will be available on auction soon!

This drum will benefit the Zinn Education Project.
6.5″x13″ 8-ply maple with 6-ply maple reinforcement rings. This drum will have Evans heads, DW throw off, and PureSound Custom Pro snares.
Shell art by Whitney Brooks